Push latch type escape door lock

Independent voice alarm escape door lock

HD-YB916A / HD-YB916B

Product details
Performance characteristics:

1. With anti prying alarm function, illegal personnel can't open the door from the outside to ensure the safety of the area;

2. Built in high decibel voice alarm, continuous alarm or no alarm mode can be selected;

3. Push the locking bar to start the siren voice, "the escape exit has been opened, please evacuate quickly + wo. Wo. Wo" Report

Alarm voice, and play it circularly;

4. Optional power supply: can be built-in 9V dry battery; external 9V power supply;

5. Standby current: 18ua; standby time: about 200 days;

6. Alarm volume: About 85dB;

7. Alarm working time: continuous beep for more than 3H;

8. Scope of application: applicable to shopping malls, Internet bars and exhibitions without fire fighting and security systems or with high security requirements

Normally closed fire doors for pavilions, hotels, etc.

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